Automating Foundational Cybersecurity with Datto RMM

Accenture’s 2023 cybercrime study revealed that nearly 43% of cyber-attacks are targeted at small and medium-sized businesses. The study further found that only 14% of targeted SMBs were prepared to handle such attacks, emphasizing the need for robust cybersecurity strategies and effective security measures to mitigate these risks.

In this webinar, our security experts, Keanan Ball, Senior Director, Product Marketing, and Andrew Haynes, Principal Solutions Engineer discussed how Datto RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity with patching, hardening and ransomware detection, and continuously monitors your systems to prevent data loss.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to optimize endpoint management to automate foundational cybersecurity measures.
  • How to leverage RMM to stop ransomware in its tracks.
  • The critical role RMM plays in managing backup and disaster recovery.

Don’t become another cybercrime statistic. Watch the webinar today!

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