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N-Able’s Passportal + Documentation Manager – Datto RMM Integration Configuration

N-Able’s Passportal is a cloud-based, automated, encrypted, and efficient password and documentation management solution built for MSPs. The next-gen integration with Datto RMM brings a whole new level of operational efficiency by taking the next step beyond synchronization of all devices as assets. Functionality includes quick launch capabilities to rapidly access RMM features. This builds upon the fundamentals of MSP efficiency and drives incremental value to our partners and their clients through faster resolution times.

  • Launch Datto RMM from N-Able Passportal
  • Quick connection to devices
  • Remote sessions via RDP, VNC, and Splashtop
  • Audit information and visibility of devices and their status
  • Asset revisions and the possibility to revert to various revisions of an asset
  • Installed software information
  • Device screenshot capabilities
  • Two-way sync for user-defined fields
  • Ability to re-sync devices and restore previous versions

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Datto RMM Integration Configuration

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