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Roar Datto Inspector

  • Roar’s Datto Inspectors integrates with the Datto Partner Portal API, providing MSPs with quick access to capture the configuration details of devices, listing of agents, shares, and state of backups across discovered tenants. Through a single MSP API key tenants can be quickly associated to the companies under management in Roar.
  • Solution Features
    • Track configuration changes of devices over time
    • Track list of agents over time
    • Quickly review and monitor the state of backups
    • When backups fail or have not been completed in the prior 24 hours, an actionable alert is triggered
    • Device configuration details can be pushed into an IT Glue flexible asset
    • Device details include serial number, model, service plans, warranty expiration dates
    • State details include number of agents, amount of storage, success or failure of backups