January 12, 2022

Why You Need Complete Data Protection

By David Weiss

“How can I protect my clients’ data?” It’s a key question for MSPs — one that’s grown increasingly complicated to answer.

Years ago, when business critical data was only housed in data centers, setting a secure perimeter was less complex. Today, however, an SMB’s essential data lives everywhere: on-premise servers and virtual machines (VMs), public cloud-hosted workloads, SaaS-based applications like Microsoft 365, laptops in the home and office, and more.

How Can I More Easily Secure Data?

This data buildout has created new challenges for MSPs. You now find that you’re working in a significantly expanded business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) landscape.

As a result, MSPs have been in search of a holistic approach to protecting these far-flung data stores. Can you ensure that critical data can be recovered from a ransomware attack on an infected laptop or server? How do you handle prolonged cloud outages? What do you do when critical files are deleted, by accident or maliciously?

Until now, an MSP’s only answer was to piece together many different BCDR solutions to provide comprehensive protection for their clients. While this approach broadens the scope of data backup, restore, and security capabilities, it also comes with significant tradeoffs.

These tradeoffs include the need to access multiple administrative interfaces. In addition, as the number of solutions mushroom, MSP margins take a hit. That’s because your techs have to be trained on multiple products. Meanwhile, there’s the sheer logistical complexity that comes with having multiple vendors, from both an operational and administrative standpoint.

The more fragmented the BCDR shield becomes, the harder and more costly it gets for MSPs to deliver on a core goal: to provide seamless, assured protection for your clients’ data.

Complete Data Protection, Simplified

With so many hazards threatening data today, MSPs need every edge they can get to minimize downtime and get clients up and running. Ransomware in particular remains on the rise, with 85% of MSPs reporting attacks against SMBs in the last two years.

When you partner with a vendor offering a cohesive solution, there’s a clear path towards easy-to-use data protection. MSPs that simplify their implementation and management can work with increased confidence in their data protection workflows.

Datto Unified Continuity offers this cohesive solution, helping MSPs to protect data no matter where it lives.

With Datto Unified Continuity, MSPs can span the full breadth of locations and devices where business critical data must be protected. A best-in-class product suite, Datto Unified Continuity is backed by the immutable Datto Cloud as an offsite backup repository.

Datto Unified Continuity incorporates the following solutions:

SIRIS — This premium hardware solution delivers unparalleled local virtualization boot time and performance, resilient backups, and reliable BCDR for MSPs servicing clients of any size. Meanwhile, SIRIS Virtual and SIRIS Imaged provides the SIRIS platform’s full feature set for businesses that prefer using their own hardware.

ALTO — Datto’s small business hardware offering provides enterprise-grade business continuity and data protection at a price that’s affordable for small businesses, complete with hybrid virtualization from the Datto Cloud.

Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure — a comprehensive, secure, and reliable business continuity solution that protects clients’ workloads in Azure from malicious attacks, vendor outages and single-cloud risk.

Datto SaaS Protection — Datto SaaS Protection is a cloud-to-cloud backup solution, offering comprehensive backup and recovery for critical cloud data that lives in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace applications.

Endpoint Backup for PCs — a reliable, easy-to-use backup and recovery solution for PCs. A tremendous amount of important business data still lives locally on employee laptops. Datto allows MSPs to eliminate endpoint loss and streamline data recovery, by protecting client computers against ransomware, loss or theft, system failure, and accidental deletion.

One Solution for Business Continuity

From laptops to on-premises servers, to public clouds and IaaS-centric workloads, the range of places where SMB data resides has expanded. You can keep ahead of your clients with Datto Unified Continuity, the complete solution that gives MSPs:

  • One vendor
  • One support organization
  • One cloud administration portal with single pane management
  • The immutable Datto Cloud for offsite backup storage
  • A predictable cost model
  • Total data protection

The potential for ransomware attacks, accidental deletion, and disasters makes data protection unpredictable. MSPs can restore order with the streamlined control of Datto Unified Continuity, knowing that their clients’ critical business data is safe — no matter where it lives. 


Ready to start protecting businesses from disaster? Contact us for a demo of Datto’s all-in-one business continuity – built for MSPs.

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