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My Accounting Toolbox by Cloud Depot

Cloud Depot is an online platform that provides a number of tools to assist MSPs to become more efficient. Established in 2012 we are now trusted by customers in over 20 countries and process in excess of $800 million in transaction every year.

Connect Autotask with Xero in minutes and completely automate your invoices, purchase orders and payments from Autotask to Xero. Once set up the task will automatically run based on your billing plan.

When you setup an account with us we redirect you to Xero’s partner page to authorise Cloud Depot with your company’s Xero account. Once authorised Xero redirects you back to Cloud Depot where you enter your Autotask account details to allow us to begin the synchronisation process.

Once set up our service automatically, checks to see if you have any new invoices, purchase orders or payments, based on your billing plan. If we find that you have new billing items we will pull them down from Autotask and push them into Xero automatically. Depending on your preference these can be saved as draft or authorised automatically in Xero.

Cloud Depot works with any Xero account anywhere in the world. Our product is a certified Xero add-on.

Integration features:

  • Match Autotask account codes to Xero
  • Setup invoice payment date rules
  • Use Xero or Autotask invoice numbers
  • Insert PO numbers as references in Xero
  • Sync up to 90 days’ of historical inovices
  • Import invoices as Draft or Approved
  • Match Branding themes
  • Sync Contacts with Invoices
  • Send Payments back into Autotask
  • Process Purchase Orders or Bills into Xero
  • Support Multiple Xero Accounts from one Autotask Account
  • Apply Payments
  • Tracking Categories
  • One click on demand Sync
  • Multi-Currency
  • PDF Attachments
  • Full Tax Mapping
  • View Realtime Logs
  • Branding Themes

Available worldwide in English


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