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Intelligent Ticket Processing for Autotask PSA and Kaseya VSA

We provide a highly integrated solution for Kaseya VSA that automates 80-90% of ongoing administration and simplifies what’s left. We provide a fully-documented method for operating your VSA, allowing you to seamlessly withstand staff turnover. We go beyond providing basic monitors with Smart Monitors that automatically set their own appropriate thresholds, self-resolve many conditions, and don’t “cry wolf” the instant a threshold is crossed. We intelligently interface between VSA and your PSA, eliminate false alerts, run A-P based remediations, suppress and combine duplicate events, and handle after-hours / on-call notifications based on customer, event priority, and day/time.

Built in conjunction with our Intelligent Ticket Processing Engine service for Windows, our monitors handle and classify endpoint events from agents on the Kaseya VSA, then deliver them to your Autotask PSA via REST API, eliminating the need for email-based ticketing configurations. We will provide you with our default event mappings, which can be customized to match existing Issue and Sub-Issue Autotask classes. As events come in for agents, tickets will be delivered with pre-populated classification data and in the appropriate priority. Events which are closed by our VSA auto remediation are still submitted, as “closed”, for your records.

Available worldwide in English.

  • Reduced email ticketing configuration – no mailbox required, no parsing rules
  • Bolster reporting by recording alarms already remediated through automation
  • Pre-classified events standardize operations while saving time for technicians and management
  • Customizable mappings for events to Issue/Sub Issue

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