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IT Glue

Did you know that IT people spend 20-30% of their time looking for information? What if you could cut that in half? IT Glue is a cloud-based, Autotask-integrated documentation platform which consolidates all of your IT documentation in a single console so that your staff can spend less time researching and more time working. Standardized documentation typically drives 10-20% in labor savings for your company while improving your service delivery.

Integration Features

IT Glue integrates seamlessly with Autotask, synchronizing Accounts, Contacts & Configurations to make creating and managing IT documentation a pleasure. These assets can be created and modified easily inside of IT Glue with our powerful two-way synchronization, including record-level conflict resolution. Building new documentation is a breeze, just configure IT Glue’s Autotask integration and watch your assets appear ready to be integrated with your standardized documentation and knowledge base articles.

  • Two-way sync of Accounts, Contacts & Configurations
  • Create and modify records directly in IT Glue
  • Changes made in Autotask are automatically reflected in IT Glue

Sales & Support

Technical documentation and videos (Available only to active accounts and trials)