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iLert GmbH

iLert is a SaaS company based in Germany and provides an alerting, on-call management, and uptime monitoring platform for ops teams. iLert helps MSPs and IT service providers to respond to incidents faster and reduce incident resolution times.

With iLert’s Autotask PSA integration, you can automatically create incidents in iLert from tickets in Autotask PSA. Never miss a critical alert and always alert the right person using iLert’s powerful alerting capabilities. Create workflows for tickets to alert the on-call person in iLert and automatically escalate to the next person, if the alert is not acknowledged. With iLert’s Stakeholder Engagement feature, MSPs can keep their customers informed during an ongoing incident with minimal effort while focusing their time on incident resolution.


  • Create incidents in iLert based on tickets from Autotask PSA
  • Alert the on-call person through multiple channels, such as phone calls, SMS, push notifications, Microsoft Teams, and more
  • Share on-call responsibility across your team with on-call schedules and automatic escalations
  • Define alerting rules based on support hours and delay alerts until your support hours start
  • Acknowledge alerts on the same channel, no need to log-in anywhere
  • Bi-directional integration: put tickets in progress or mark them as complete from within iLert
  • Keep your customers in the loop with status updates

Available Worldwide in English, German


Sales: US: +1 516 61 ILERT EU: +49 221 9996 9976