Pioneer Bank

Pioneer Bank is a community-focused financial institution that offers a wide range of personalized services to its customers. For more than 100 years, the institution has served its community, offering personal and business banking as well as other financial services. Pioneer Bank further emphasizes supporting its community by assisting local charities and initiatives as part of its mission to help everyone move toward a better future.

  • Company: Pioneer Bank
  • Established: 1901
  • Interviewed: Matthew Burke, Vice President of IT,
    Robert Smoot, Information Security Officer

 It’s comforting to know there’s always someone watching. When we’re caught up doing a dozen other things and miss something, they’re there to catch it.

Matthew Burke

Vice President of IT

The Challenge

Pioneer Bank, on the verge of becoming a billion-dollar financial institution, inevitably began facing significant cybersecurity challenges. The company’s IT team is comprised of Matthew Burke and his three direct reports, making them a compact yet dedicated group. They needed to ensure that they deployed the most effective cybersecurity solutions to safeguard every single endpoint across the enterprise. This requirement was important for two reasons: To protect the bank’s growing digital operations and to meet stringent regulatory expectations.

The primary challenge lay in achieving advanced security oversight and endpoint visibility without expanding their limited IT workforce, ensuring both customer trust and regulatory compliance remained uncompromised.

The Solution

Pioneer Bank’s strategy to overcome these challenges involved the integration of Datto Managed SOC and Datto EDR. This combination provided the bank with a comprehensive endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution managed by a SOC that operates 24/7. Combining Datto SOC and EDR meant that Pioneer Bank could benefit from robust cybersecurity visibility without the need for a large in-house team. The deployment of these solutions gave Burke and his team the tools to monitor the bank’s endpoints, network and cloud 24/7, efficiently identifying and responding to threats in real-time.

The choice of Datto and its suite of cybersecurity products came after careful consideration of several vendors and products. The bank was particularly impressed by the seamless integration and the visibility it offered into its Microsoft 365 environment, which provides valuable insight for the institution as it continually migrates files and services to the cloud.

Another major reason why Pioneer Bank chose to partner with Kaseya is the responsiveness and prompt support from their account manager, Ryan Davidson, who enabled Pioneer Bank to painlessly take care of its cybersecurity needs and helped strengthen the relationship between the two enterprises.


The implementation of Datto Managed SOC and Datto EDR transformed Pioneer Bank’s cybersecurity landscape. It provided much-needed visibility into the bank’s endpoints and furnished the documentation that empowered the IT team to meet regulatory requirements. The managed SOC’s ability to monitor the bank’s environment 24/7 has been instrumental in identifying potential security incidents before they could escalate, maintaining the institution’s integrity and customer trust.

Moreover, the proactive management of cybersecurity incidents, even those that turned out to be false positives, demonstrated the system’s effectiveness in safeguarding the bank’s digital assets. This proactive stance towards cybersecurity has been invaluable, allowing the IT team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive the bank’s growth while ensuring its posture is robust and compliant with regulatory standards.

Pioneer Bank’s experience with Kaseya and the Datto product suite has been extremely positive, reinforcing their decision to enhance their cybersecurity by implementing Dark Web ID to guard against compromised credentials. This move shines a light on the bank’s dedication to using advanced technologies to streamline operations and better protect customers. As the bank progresses toward becoming a billion-dollar entity, its partnership with Datto and Kaseya exemplifies the role of innovative cybersecurity against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Pioneer Bank’s proactive stance on cybersecurity, supported by their technology partners, equips them to meet the financial industry’s regulatory challenges head-on, all while serving their community efficiently.

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