February 28, 2023

Remove Supply Chain Barriers, Drive Efficiency and Profit Margins with Datto Commerce Procurement Automation

By Travis Brittain

As an MSP, you have likely encountered the following situations. Your technician is onsite, the client requests a new document scanner or conference room speaker. However, the designated quoting person back at the office must search through your suppliers to find a solution that fits their needs and budgets, so the technician tells the client to “just order it on Amazon.” Or in another scenario, you quote a new fleet of laptops for a client, but after they sign the quote, the laptops are out of stock. Then there is this ever-familiar scenario, you send a quote for a new server, however moments after you send the PDF, you find the same product from a different supplier at a lower cost, giving you the opportunity to make more margin.

These situations can be frustrating and are often why MSPs are challenged with offering hardware sales to their clients. Datto Commerce helps put supply chain challenges in the past and reduce the time-consuming quoting process from hours to minutes. Helping you to drive efficiency and maximizing your profits within your sales flow.

Alleviate frustrations with dynamic quote delivery and multiple supplier integrations

Dynamic Quote Delivery eliminates the need for traditional PDF quote delivery. With stock and pricing fluctuations happening constantly, putting pricing and detailed specs on a static document creates risk for you either losing margin or creating a bad experience for your customer. Yet exporting multiple versions of quotes to keep up with these changes is time consuming.

Datto Commerce delivers quotes via a dynamic webpage that is updated in real time with pricing and availability. This means that what your client sees is what you are able to procure.

Multiple Supplier Integrations allow Datto Commerce users to find the best products from a wide selection easily. When paired with dynamic delivery, if a product is available at a better price at a different supplier, Commerce will intelligently switch the quote to that supplier.

Partnerships with Lenovo, for example, not only give you access to real-time pricing and stock levels, but you will also see technology recommendations direct from Lenovo that identify the latest technology quickly and easily with the best availability. We are planning to support more vendors and distributors over the coming months.

1-click quote creation from Autotask opportunity

The recent addition of the “1-click Quote Creation from Autotask Opportunity ensures the quote process runs flawlessly with no exceptions. When an Autotask Opportunity is ready to be quoted, you can now select to create that quote in Datto Commerce. Your newly created Datto Commerce quote will be linked to the Autotask Opportunity. As the quote moves through various stages, those changes will reflect in Autotask.

Datto Commerce works to ease your hardware woes, manage your supply chain and build your profit margins with multiple supplier integrations and dynamic quote delivery, to ensure your business growth by improving your quote to service delivery process.

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