FLEXspend for Datto Backup


Your clients’ IT needs may change — on-premises servers move to the cloud, Exchange shifts to Microsoft 365, PCs get replaced by Mac devices — but the need for data protection remains a constant.

Datto’s revolutionary FLEXspend program allows MSPs to flexibly reassign their backup investment from one Datto Backup solution to another.

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Protect Your Investment While Adapting to Clients’

FLEXspend for Backup automatically safeguards your investment in the Datto Backup portfolio by allowing you to replace any Datto Backup solution with another. Now, meet your clients’ needs without worrying about sunk costs.

5 Ps of FLEXspend
Protect your investment

Safeguard your backup investment as your clients’ data protection requirements evolve. Let’s say your client is migrating their on-premises workloads to the cloud. FLEXspend empowers you to easily switch from on-premises backup to cloud backup, protecting your investment in our backup portfolio.

Power of adaptability

Not only can you switch between different solutions, but you can also flexibly reassign your backup investment from one client to another. FLEXspend allows you to reassign your backup investments across clients to the same or different backup technology. Protect your backup service margins even if you lose a client or when a client undergoes M&A.  

Predictable returns

Thanks to FLEXspend, your investment or margins are not locked to your underlying infrastructure or a specific platform. MSPs are estimated to waste up to 30% of costs on multiple vendors whose solutions and licensing are locked into specific platforms. The ability to easily switch between different solutions means your margins stay healthy and predictable throughout.

Protect data wherever it lives

Your clients’ organizational data is continually moving across multiple environments and living in more places than ever before. With Datto’s most complete backup portfolio, you can comprehensively protect all that data, no matter where it lives. Whether on-premises, the cloud, SaaS applications or remote endpoints, protect data across different environments and locations.

Propel your MSP growth

Your clients’ IT needs may change, but data protection remains a constant. FLEXspend helps you future-proof your backup investment and secure your MSP’s margins and future. Datto solutions are specifically designed for MSPs and offer immediate ROI with larger margins without any CAPEX investment.

Future-proof your investments with FLEXspend for Datto Backup
Get the most out of your investments while delivering on ever-changing client needs.
Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s say your client has an on-premises server that you protect with the Datto SIRIS BCDR appliance under a committed term — and the client wants to migrate the workload to Microsoft Azure. As with any other cloud vendor, Microsoft does not automatically back up cloud VMs. However, with FLEXspend for Backup, you can easily switch from on-premises backup to Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure.

No.FLEXspend automatically safeguards your current and new Datto Backup purchases. If your clients’ data protection needs change and you’re interested in switching to another Datto backup technology, all you have to do is contact your Account Manager.

Yes. All current and future Datto backup products are included in the program. Datto SIRIS BCDR, Datto ALTO, Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure, Datto Endpoint Backup for Servers, Datto Endpoint Backup for PCs, Datto SaaS Protection, Datto Workplace and Datto File Protection are all covered.

Yes. You can generally transfer your backup investment from one client to another, whether to the same or different backup technology. This can help you protect your backup service margins when you lose a client or when a client undergoes M&A. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

Yes. There is a 60-day migration period with FLEXspend, during which both original and replacement products will be active to facilitate the migration without any additional charges. After 60 days, the original product licenses will be discontinued, and the payment attribution will be switched over to the new module.

It’s easy. Contact your Account Manager for the next steps.