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ServiceTree Connect

ServiceTree was built by a dedicated team of programmers to revolutionize professional services automation in the MSP industry. Through the use of OpenNext™ technology and a timesaving, data-focused interface, ServiceTree helps MSPs decrease internal spending and fully utilize employees to support growth. ServiceTree spent decades learning how to make themselves more profitable, now they want to share it with the world.


ServiceTree Connect™ allows users to continue utilizing Autotask on the backend while integrating ServiceTree’s user-interface on the front end. The benefit of this is a faster interface, live data dashboard, and an easier and more efficient ticketing system. On average, technicians can save between 6-11 minutes on every ticket created through ServiceTree Connect™. The secret to saving time and increasing profit isn’t higher billable rates – it’s getting more out of your team. ServiceTree Connect™ helps you do just that.

  • Live-data dashboard for a true 360-degree view of your business
  • True self-service client portal
  • Simple ticket creation that helps save 6-11 minutes on every ticket serviced
  • Question tree style knowledge base built directly into each ticket
  • OpenNext™ technology that automatically routes the appropriate ticket to an available technician


ServiceTree Connect allows your tech team to focus on doing what they are good at – being a tech. We take pain out of ticketing and RMM management so your team can focus on your customers.

  • Directly connect to the device from within a ticket
  • Access device information directly from the ticket
  • Reduce time having to search for the device from within Datto RMM.
  • Map Datto RMM to any ServiceTree Connect PSA partner
  • Automatically create PSA tickets based on alerts within Datto RMM.
  • Automatically prioritizes and sets the ticket SLA based on the priority of the device.

Available worldwide in English.

Contact information for Sales and Support – 844 777 1221

Documentation available within the app.