October 17, 2023

Perform Backup Management Tasks Directly in Datto RMM With the New Datto Backup Integration

By Sam Roguine

Managed service providers (MSPs) face a myriad of challenges when it comes to managing their data backups efficiently. The complexity of MSP environments, combined with the ever-increasing volume of data and cyberthreats, makes safeguarding critical business information a daunting task.

The technicians are caught up in a hectic and time-consuming process of switching between interfaces, copy-pasting data, manually transferring information and sometimes even retyping due to the lack of operational integrations between the various tools employed. As a result, overall operational efficiency drops significantly while personnel costs rise, making it difficult to drive efficient service delivery.

MSPs like you need a solution that can simplify monitoring as well as backup and recovery processes while also reducing technician workload and operational costs. With the recent integration between Datto remote monitoring and management (RMM) and Datto backup products, you can alleviate heavy workloads on technicians and significantly reduce associated costs. Instead of juggling different platforms and wasting precious time, your technicians can help clients perform backup configuration and recovery tasks directly in the Datto RMM console, saving up to 25% of technician time and simplifying the backup and recovery process.

Introducing the new Backup and RMM integration for Datto

To better manage business operations, backup and disaster recovery must be maintained with an RMM tool. Managing devices from inside the RMM framework allows for improved visibility and management of backups in their “default module” from a single place. The new integration eliminates the need for clients to manually install agents, massively improving their adoption speed. Technicians can now be twice as efficient, enabling MSPs to proportionally reduce personnel costs.

The new integration can be broadly classified into two pillars:

Both pillars will have backup status cards on protected devices to show backup success, simplifying the monitoring process. For Datto Continuity solutions, like SIRIS, this new integration will offer alerts for any backup issues (failed backups) to enable faster reaction and resolution time.

Streamlining MSP operations with this new integration

This new integration easily streamlines your business operations since all the critical information can be centralized into a single dashboard. It provides valuable insights and full backup visibility to help your team work faster and enable rapid recovery of client data and operations.

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