February 09, 2021

Building Your BCDR Offering: BYOD or All-in-One?

By David Weiss

When you’re a managed service provider (MSP), offering business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) services is an easy decision. After all, the threat of your clients suffering a disruption from a ransomware attack—just one of many business continuity threats—has never been higher: Our research shows that 92% of MSPs predict that ransomware attacks will continue at current, or worse, rates than in 2020.

Fortunately, MSPs can make a big difference defending their clients’ bottom line. In the same study, we found that 91% of MSPs’ clients who have BCDR solutions at the ready are less likely to experience significant downtime from a ransomware attack.

Where things get complicated, however, is when you must decide on your BCDR solution: Should you build your own device (BYOD), or opt for an all-in-one?

The BCDR Cloud Connection

Investigating the best BCDR approach opens the door to many choices. Should you use a software-only solution, hardware-only, or a hybrid of the two? What type of cloud is best suited for BCDR? What will provide the best security and compliance, including ransomware protection? How about ease of use and management? And what technology choices put you on the best path to profitability?

Datto SIRIS is an all-in-one solution that simplifies these complex decisions. Built specifically to meet the stringent requirements of MSPs, SIRIS reliably prevents data loss while minimizing downtime for clients. SIRIS has MSPs and their clients fully covered with verified backups, instant virtualization, and ransomware recovery, plus restore options to handle any scenario.

SIRIS is an all-in-one solution that incorporates local backup and recovery via secure, cloud-based storage and disaster recovery. SIRIS can be deployed on the hardened SIRIS appliance, as a vSIRIS software-only implementation, or as a virtual machine (VM) or image—highly useful when you want to BYOD.

SIRIS’ offsite recovery is powered by our purpose-built Datto Cloud, a $100 million private infrastructure we built specifically for MSPs to deliverBCDR and DRaaS. As an all-in-one solution, Datto SIRIS significantly streamlines your BCDR offerings by gathering all essential functions together in a totally integrated solution—for one predictable subscription fee with no hidden costs.

The Datto Cloud is secure, highly reliable, and immutable, which means MSPs can be sure that backups are safe even if a ransomware attack takes place. Datto SIRIS adds security measures like two-factor authentication (2FA) which protects the cloud storage and client data, along with AES 256 encryption in flight (and optional at rest). Automated retention capabilities like Cloud Deletion Defense allow MSPs to recover accidentally deleted data. which helps organizations to meet heightened security objectives and compliance regulations.

SIRIS: Easy and Reliable for MSPs

Pairing SIRIS with the Datto Cloud is key in ensuring that both BYOD and all-in-one are equally secure, easy and reliable for MSPs. Public clouds use variable price tiers that can make monthly storage costs unpredictable. Plus, shared tenancy is the public cloud default—a security concern for MSPs and clients. While dedicated tenancy is available, it comes with additional costs. Finally, MSPs take on more risk with public cloud, since cloud providers don’t offer guarantees on restores.

The flexible deployment options of Datto SIRIS make it an uncommonly versatile all-in-one solution. More and more small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are moving their infrastructure to public clouds, and adapting to COVID with widespread WFH workforces. MSPs can meet any client scenario with SIRIS’s flexible deployment options.

For instance, when a customer is very small, BYOD using a vSIRIS software deployment may make the most economic sense. BYOD may also be preferential when an MSP already has the necessary hardware in house, or needs specific functions like connecting to NAS or SAN storage. MSPs that offer colocation services to their clients may find that vSIRIS is logistically more efficient than installing dozens of Datto SIRIS appliances onsite. As your clients grow, vSIRIS makes it easy to reliably scale your services along with them.

Whether your BCDR backbone is hardware, software, or both, SIRIS backup and restore provides the confidence of our Datto Cloud. Secure, swift, and built solely for the needs of MSPs, the Datto Cloud makes SIRIS a flexible all-in-one solution that eliminates costs and challenges associated with public cloud..

SIRIS for Every Situation

SIRIS doesn’t just provide industrial-strength protection, it also helps you grow your business. By providing local and cloud backup, recovery, and failover for a flat monthly fee, SIRIS keeps you safe from hidden charges or unpredictable cloud costs.

Datto BCDR solutions have successfully executed billions of backups and tens of thousands of recoveries. With the exabyte-scale Datto Cloud and Datto SIRIS, you have everything you need to build your BCDR business.

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