Why a Fire is No Match for BDR

Oct 12, 2017

Why a Fire is No Match for BDR

BY Chris Brunau


Steve Coker goes above and beyond to protect his clients from downtime. Coker is the President and founder of Datacom Limited, a managed service provider (MSP) located in Toronto. When a customer’s business was threatened by a fire recently, Datacom’s experience and dedication kept their doors open and avoided downtime.

Although the client’s building wasn’t directly hit by the fire, the two structures share an underground parking garage, and electrical and environmental infrastructure were damaged from the fire suppression efforts.

“They had nearly five feet of water in the garage and cars were submerged. We couldn’t get anywhere near the building without a police escort,” said Coker. Datacom’s customer wouldn’t have access to their offices for a week following the fire, but thanks to Coker’s guidance, they continued with business as usual.

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