May 13, 2021

How MSPs Can Utilize Datto RMM to Improve Cyber Resilience

By Justin Weller
CybersecurityDatto RMM

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) platforms play an important role in helping managed service providers (MSPs) reduce client downtime through real-time monitoring and proactively securing and protecting managed devices from known vulnerabilities. Designed with security at the forefront, the Datto RMM engineering team is continuously improving the security posture of the platform and looking for ways to improve MSPs’ ability to identify, protect, and detect security issues, boosting cyber resilience.

Identify Issues Before They Become Critical

Built around improving MSPs’ business intelligence, Datto RMM helps MSPs identify threats with a user interface that allows for the identification of potential issues at the global, company, or device level. With customized dashboards from a library of pre-built widgets that are designed to help easily identify issues such as possible critical security alerts, Windows patching compliance issues, anti-virus compliance issues, or even third-party software that is out of date, MSPs can quickly identify issues before they become problems or threats to clients’ data and networks.

Protecting Clients’ Data Before Issues Arise

Datto RMM has built-in platform protection controls to ensure network security with features such as encryption using AES-256 bit keys and TLS 1.2+, IP address restrictions, a chronicle of all session activity to a system log file, and Time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTP) for two-factor authentication to the platform. The software additionally has the ability to protect client endpoints and keep them secure by deploying and monitoring vulnerabilities through patching policies and updating third-party software solutions automatically.

Additional options include delivering devices hardened to your end clients through pre-built components from our free library with things like blocking Pastebin access or disabling USB access. You can also run the Lost Device security suite component that will immediately halt the use of Windows devices by forcing a bug check and allowing for the MSP to either encrypt the data or wipe it completely before it can be accessed.

Detect Security Holes In Your Clients Endpoints And Networks

Datto RMM was built with considerable ways to detect security holes in your clients’ endpoints and networks that can also be found in the component library. The library also has monitoring options that can detect issues externally such as detection and alert if passwords have been breached or detect changes to Microsoft 365 passwords. One of the favorites from our library is a prebuilt monitoring policy for Windows devices that will detect and alert on things like the user list getting enumerated, or if the Event Log is cleared.

Native Ransomware Detection

Datto RMM is now also helping MSPs respond with the new built-in ransomware detection capability that has been validated by MRG Effitas, a world-leading, independent IT security efficacy testing & assurance company. Datto RMM Ransomware Detection reduces the impact of crypto-ransomware by monitoring for ransomware and prevents the spread of ransomware by attempting to terminate the ransomware process and isolating the infected device from the rest of the network.

Chat with a product specialist to learn more about how Datto RMM can help your MSP prevent client downtime.

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