June 24, 2020

New Datto RMM and Datto Continuity Integration Streamlines MSP Operations

By Adrian Luh
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At Datto, we understand the importance of efficiency for managed service providers (MSPs). That’s why we constantly evolve our products to eliminate complexity and accelerate workflows so you can work faster—not harder—and support more clients. Efficiency drives profitability – time is money.

That’s why the latest Datto RMM 8.4.0 release introduces an integration with Datto Continuity, Datto’s business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution.

This new integration, which is available at no charge for RMM partners, makes Datto RMM the most efficient remote monitoring and management solution for MSPs who use Datto Continuity products. MSPs can now configure, backup, and restore servers directly from the RMM console. Centralizing critical information into a single dashboard streamlines business operations by providing insight and full backup visibility to help your team work faster, more effectively, and enable rapid recovery of client data and operations.


Integration Highlights

  • Straightforward setup. The integration requires the public and private API keys for the business continuity and disaster recovery API, which are available via the integrations page in the Datto Partner Portal. After this initial step, partners can map Datto Continuity devices (SIRIS, ALTO and vSIRIS) to Datto RMM Sites. Devices mapped in RMM are automatically synchronized with integrated PSA systems.
  • Complete visibility of backup status. Alongside the key device information that Datto RMM has always delivered (e.g., patch status, monitoring alerts, etc.), Continuity Device Pages now include backup status, offsite sync status, and screenshot verification. From Device Pages, partners can:
    • View device information such as Device Type, Internal IP, Serial Number, and Uptime.
    • Access device actions including Connect (using the Remote Web functionality) and Recovery Launchpad.
    • View protected device information including Online Status, Last Backup, Last Screenshot Verification, and Last 10 Backups.
    • View related devices, e.g. connections to Datto Networking devices.
    • Jump to the corresponding device in the Datto Portal and Autotask PSA.
  • Seamless backup and restore. Partners can resolve client issues faster by initiating a backup or restore directly from the Device page without leaving the Datto RMM platform.
  • Deploy Datto backup Windows agents. Deploying Datto backup agents is a breeze with the new Datto RMM deployment component. All prerequisite checks are automatically executed and agents can be deployed at a scheduled time for many devices simultaneously.
  • Improved understanding and insight. Partners using multiple Datto products including Autotask PSA and Datto Networking get a fully unified experience from a single platform, providing full visibility into devices under management (including interdependencies) to make troubleshooting easier. 
  • Automated billing with PSA sync. Using this integration, Datto Continuity devices will automatically be synced to PSA systems integrated with Datto RMM. This will make it easier to keep a fully-updated Customer Management Database and automate the billing process.

Datto is excited about this integration and the efficiencies that it will bring MSPs who utilize both Datto Continuity solutions and Datto RMM. This integration was built with MSP feedback at the forefront, and we look forward to hearing about your experience with it.

To learn more about this integration, download the Datto RMM-Datto Continuity Integration Datasheet.

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