October 11, 2023

Protecting Your Clients’ Data Profitably in the Age of Cloud

By Sam Roguine
Business ContinuityProduct / Feature LaunchDatto SIRIS

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are experiencing a transformational shift reshaping how they operate and manage their data. The era of traditional, on-premises IT infrastructure is giving way to a new horizon: the cloud. This transition to the cloud offers numerous advantages for businesses, including unprecedented flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency. Cloud migration has thus become a strategic imperative, driving a surge in cloud adoption rates across industries.

According to Gartner, more than 95% of all new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms by the year 2025, which is a significant increase from 30% in 2021. In addition, a recent survey conducted by Google indicates that businesses are increasingly relying on cloud-based products and services (41.4%), with many planning to switch from outdated enterprise software to cloud-based tools (33.4%) and migrate their on-premises workloads to the cloud (32.8%).

However, organizations are carefully orchestrating this transition through hybrid and multicloud environments to unlock the cloud’s full potential. This ecosystem allows them to protect their existing investments, maximize flexibility, bolster security and ensure a smooth shift to the cloud. Consequently, organizational data is continually moving across multiple environments and living in more places than ever — from on-premises, cloud and SaaS to everything in between.

This data sprawl and the subsequently evolving data protection requirements present a formidable challenge today for managed service providers (MSPs) looking to secure their clients’ data. So, how can MSPs effectively cater to these changing requirements without sacrificing their investments? That’s the puzzle Datto solves for MSPs with FLEXspend for Backup.

Protect your clients’ data wherever it lives

Datto is the world’s largest vendor of proven, reliable, secure business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions for MSPs. Its most complete backup portfolio is specifically designed for MSPs like you, helping you cater to your clients’ data protection challenges, no matter where the data lives. Whether on-premises, cloud, SaaS applications or laptops of the on-the-go workforce, Datto has a solution to comprehensively protect client data.

What’s making Datto’s backup portfolio even more enticing for MSPs is our all-new FLEXspend for Backup program that empowers you to adapt to your clients’ ever-changing data protection needs while protecting your investment made in the Datto Backup portfolio.

FLEXspend for Backup: Protect your investment while adapting to your clients’ needs

Datto’s FLEXspend for Backup program allows MSPs to flexibly reassign their committed contract investment from one Datto Backup solution to another. This allows you to replace any backup solution with another to match your clients’ needs without worrying about sunk investment — your investment remains protected and adaptable.

Suppose your client has an on-premises server that you protect using the Datto SIRIS BCDR appliance under a committed term, and now they want to move the workload to Microsoft Azure. It’s important to note that Microsoft, like other cloud vendors, doesn’t automatically back up cloud VMs. However, with FLEXspend for Backup, you can easily transition from on-premises backup to Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure.

Similarly, easily switch between other Datto products, such as Datto ALTO, Datto Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery, Datto Endpoint Backup for PCs, Datto SaaS Protection, Datto Workplace and Datto File Protection. There is also a 60-day migration period with FLEXspend, during which both your original and replacement products will be active to facilitate the migration without additional charges.

Future-proof your investment in backup

Your clients’ IT needs may change — on-prem servers move to the cloud, Exchange shifts to Microsoft 365, PCs get replaced by Mac devices — but data protection remains a constant. With FLEXspend for Backup, you can:

  • Protect business data no matter where it lives.
  • Replace solutions to match your needs.
  • Gain IT peace of mind, knowing that your investments are predictable and safe.

Book a call with us now to know more about this game-changing program that can future-proof your backup services.

If you want to learn more about how this program can elevate your MSP game, download this datasheet.

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