March 14, 2022

Defend and Protect Your Microsoft Teams Data with Datto

By Erin Stephan
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Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive chat and collaboration platform that is part of the Microsoft 365 productivity cloud suite of applications. Teams provides businesses with chat, video meetings, and file storage, as well as workflow integration with Microsoft 365 software including Excel, Word, and Sharepoint. However, Microsoft only assures service availability to Teams’ 270 million monthly active users, and not the data within. That makes it necessary for businesses to implement an integrated solution that provides Microsoft Teams users with data backup plus advanced threat protection.

Do you need to protect Microsoft Teams data?

The pandemic has propelled the use of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. However, nearly two years into this growth there are still many potential security issues with deploying Teams. In the latest troubling development, Microsoft Teams has emerged as a prime target for business email compromise (BEC) attacks. Hackers obtain a Microsoft 365 account password, then use the corrupted credential to infiltrate Teams. Since employees see Microsoft Teams as a trusted platform, they’re susceptible to clicking on malware phishing links that are dropped into chats.

Accidental deletion of Microsoft Teams data is another potential danger. Employees and managers only have a 30-day window to recover accidentally deleted Teams assets. If they don’t act in time, that can mean the permanent loss of group email addresses, SharePoint team sites and files, Planner, OneNote notebook, Exchange online shared Inbox and calendar, and more.

As with other Microsoft 365 applications, organizations often overlook the fact that Microsoft is not responsible for backing up your Teams data, as per their service agreement. Like many other SaaS vendors, Microsoft operates under the “Shared Responsibility model,” meaning that although they will protect their infrastructure and applications, keeping the data safe is up to the users.

Comprehensive Threat Detection and Protection

The combined strength of SaaS Protection and SaaS Defense creates Datto SaaS Protection +. This data safety duo provides MSPs with a complete backup and recovery solution for Microsoft Teams, integrating advanced threat protection and spam filtering for critical business data in Microsoft 365, beyond just email.

Built exclusively for MSPs, SaaS Defense helps you attract new clients and expand market share with an enterprise-grade security solution, without the need for additional headcount or confusing security training. With SaaS Defense, you can protect your clients’ Microsoft 365 suite — including OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams — from ransomware, malware, phishing, and BEC attacks. SaaS Defense does not rely on third-party software and is built from the ground up to prevent zero-day threats as soon as they are encountered, minimizing the time needed to detect an intrusion.

When issues do arise and hackers are able to access your data through Microsoft Teams, Datto SaaS Protection comes into play. SaaS Protection is a backup solution that enables managed service providers (MSPs) to take backups of Microsoft Teams data. This provides an effective defense against data loss and helps to ensure business continuity if a rapid recovery is needed. Already a trusted tool for Microsoft 365 backup, Datto SaaS Protection also supports Microsoft Teams, including public channel content, conversations, and calendar meetings. Armed with one-click restore, MSPs can protect their clients against data loss and ensure a quick recovery.

At 270 million monthly active users and growing, Microsoft Teams is rapidly expanding. With Datto SaaS Protection+, MSPs are equipped with a fast, efficient, and flexible Microsoft Teams backup and recovery solution that scans for advanced threats. It’s comprehensive, fully integrated protection that helps you to go further for your customers, while building margin that increases profit.

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