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DHS Issues Warning for Recent Brute Force Cyberattacks

According to the alert, hackers are using an attack known as password spraying.

Cyberattack Targets Connecticut State Agencies

The attack occurred on Friday, February 23 and the state contained it by Sunday night.

Winter Olympics Hit with Cyberattack

Moments before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics 2018 the website was hit by a cyber attack! Just before the show was about to open in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the site was taken down.It was not just the sites which were affected either. TV and internet systems suffered disruptions but were restored and back up and running 12 hours later.

One Take: Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

In this episode of One Take, Austin McChord discusses two recent cybersecurity issues, Meltdown and Spectre.

Billions of Devices at Risk After Security Flaw

Billions of users may be impacted by a new security vulnerability affecting countless devices.

Netflix Email Scam Hits Millions of Subscribers

Nearly 110 million Netflix subscribers are the target of a new phishing email scam.

[VIDEO] Cybersecurity Made MSPeasy

In our latest Business Made MSPeasy episode, we share 4 essential tips for educating end users on basic cybersecurity practices. Help your clients help themselves.

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spreading across Europe

A new strain of ransomware has sparked concern as it spreads through various countries.

Don't Pay Up When Hit With Ransomware

Typically when ransomware makes the news, it’s for an organization or company paying up a hefty fee in bitcoin to regain access to their data.

DHS Increases Cybersecurity Requirements for Federal Agencies

The Department of Homeland Security has announced new requirements to bolster email and Web security for federal agencies.

Equifax Hit by Another Cyber Attack

It appears things may only get worse for Equifax. After last month’s announcement of a massive breach affecting 143 million people, the company may be victim to another attack.

Data of over 1,000 NFL Players Exposed in Leak

Even the NFL is vulnerable to a data leak. According to Forbes, nearly 1,200 NFL players fell victim to a recent data breach.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Is Here

While cybersecurity should be top of mind all year long, now is your chance to brush up on all things ransomware related and make sure you’re in good shape.

Equifax Discloses Information about Second Data Breach

According to new reports, Equifax suffered an additional major data breach before the original event announced earlier this month.

The Race to Regulate Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin​, introduced in 2008, is a digital asset and payment system, which the U.S. Treasury categorizes as a decentralized virtual currency.

Canadian University Loses Millions in Phishing Scam

A recent phishing scam is leaving a Canadian college with a big bill.

Illinois to Require Cybersecurity Training for Employees

This marks the 15th state to require cybersecurity training, although many other states have some form of training programs in place.

Happy SysAdmin Day From Datto!

SysAdmin Day is here!

Why the Utility Industry Is the Focus of Hacks

While ransomware seems to be a threat to individual users, more information can be gathered and damage inflicted if hackers gain access to companies and utilities.

Recent Cyberattack Identified as Wiper Malware

Researchers now believe Tuesday’s NotPetya attack may have had a totally different purpose than expected.

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