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Confidently Protect Your PC Data

Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs is much more than just cloud backup. MSPs can protect clients’ Windows-based computers from downtime and data loss and more importantly, rapidly recover data if downtime and cyber attacks occur.

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Confidently Protect Your PC Data

Protect your Clients’ Data in the Cloud

A tremendous amount of important business data still lives locally on employee PCs. Keep it protected with Cloud Continuity for PCs.

Reliable Computer Backup

Ensures complete protection from everyday forms of data loss including ransomware, accidental deletions and lost or stolen devices.

Cloud Continuity for PCs

Appliance-free Windows backup directly to the Datto Cloud, ensuring that your data is protected no matter what.

Maximise Efficiencies

Centrally manage multiple clients and streamline deployment remotely through the Partner Portal.

Consistent Margins

A simple, one-price model with no overages or additional fees enables predictable, consistent margins.

Everyday Data Protection in Every Form

Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs allows MSPs to protect the important business data that lives locally on employee computers against everyday forms of data loss, including ransomware, hardware failure, theft and accidental deletion.

Appliance-Free Windows Backup

Datto’s Cloud Continuity platform is a pure, image-based backup solution, with no need to procure or manage additional hardware.

Craft Your Ideal Client Offering With Datto

Run your MSP business efficiently and achieve next level service delivery with our integrated product suite

Protect Business Data No Matter Where it Lives

Protect all client end points against ransomware, loss or theft and accidental data deletion. If you're looking for a Windows 10 backup solution, then look no further. Cloud Continuity for PCs protects business data on Windows 7 and 10 devices and streamlines recovery of the entire device configuration, setup and applications with image-based restore.

Rollback from Ransomware

Restore infected data quickly with point-in-time rollback.

Recover from Hardware Failure

Recover individual files and folders or perform a full bare-metal restore of the old device.

Simple, Dependable Backups

Image-based backup technology

Appliance-free PC backup directly to the Datto Cloud.

Reliable cloud backup

Easily restore individual files, or restore the entire PC image to a new device without additional hardware required.

Simple deployment & management

Deploy and manage directly from the Datto Partner Portal.


Eliminate all Desktop and Laptop Data Loss

Streamline endpoint desktop and laptop recovery and get clients back to business quickly.

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