May 04, 2021

Autotask PSA Updates Enhance User Experience and Document Management

By Adrian Luh

Autotask PSA is designed to drive efficiency, accountability, and the intelligence of managed service providers (MSPs) by unifying people, processes, and data to provide a singular view across their IT managed services business. The latest enhancements to Autotask PSA improve usability and add Document Manager and Knowledgebase features that increase technician accountability.

Additionally, MSPs who have integrated their Autotask PSA with Datto RMM now have the ability to click into their Datto RMM system directly into remote takeover of managed devices that need additional support.

Document Manager and Knowledgebase Enhancements

The past two releases added Document Manager capabilities within Autotask PSA to improve efficiency by providing quick and easy access to standardized documentation so technicians spend less time searching for answers. SSL Certificate and Domain Tracking capabilities were enabled to provide a single location for MSPs to manage and track expiring assets to help ensure they never miss a renewal.

Additionally, the latest Autotask release increases accountability of Document Manager and Knowledgebase users with revision, rollback, and approval features. Quickly identify when updates were made, and quickly select and restore to the desired version. Those with proper credentials can approve documents and Knowledgebase articles prior to publishing.

Account Management Module Modernized

Autotask PSA’s Account Management module, which provides a real-time view of the health of each account and allows sales teams to manage their sales pipeline by creating and tracking opportunities, has been revamped to reflect our new user experience. The intuitive Company pages now feature a configurable and tab-based UI to help improve account manager and sales rep efficiency and will provide a more cohesive experience with the other Autotask PSA modules.

Project Task, Time, and Note Entry Usability Enhancements

In addition to the Account Management pages getting a major facelift, Project Task, Time, and Note Entry have been updated significantly to improve user experience and efficiency. The integrated Time Entry enables users to quickly and accurately enter or edit time with an intuitive timeline view. The new rich text editor for Note Entry improves context, and enhances understanding of problems by providing a convenient way to stylize text with bold, italicize, underline choices, bulletize and number lists, and embed images.

Autotask LiveMobile App Improvements

The Autotask LiveMobile App, which enables remote workers to access the Autotask PSA system even when they are away from their desks, has been enhanced, as well. Beyond just updating the look and feel, the latest updates to the native iOS and Android apps bring the full PSA ticket experience onto a mobile device for improved tech efficiency.

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