Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure

Deliver multi-cloud continuity at a predictable price. Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure is a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution that is built exclusively for managed service providers (MSPs).

It provides the ability to customize protection and streamline recovery for critical business infrastructure residing in Azure.

  • Predictable Pricing: Priced for MSP growth, there’s no need to estimate Azure costs or deal with unexpected usage and egress charges.
  • Simple Management: Manage protection for both on-premises and Azure workloads from a single portal.
  • Streamlined Restore: Quickly restore systems with a simple, four-step process.

“MSPs have to manage backups for hundreds of other businesses, which Microsoft’s tools aren’t designed for. Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure centralizes everything in a single pane of glass, so you can understand everything that’s happening at a given moment — that’s paramount for an MSP to be sure we’re delivering on our promise.”

Rick Topping
Vice President of Operations and Technology, Ceeva Inc.

Demo Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure