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Autotask Data Migration

Make the help desk migration process boring with Help Desk Migration. We are the ideal data migration service with an automated and easy-to-follow approach. We can customize the migration, run the process onshore, customize the whole process or even remigrate customer service records.

Help Desk Migration is an automated service to migrate your data across various platforms or from CSV or databases. It doesn’t need coding or scripts but provides the process of difference: automated, secure, no software downtime or record duplicates.

Autotask Data Migration
Help Desk Migration is an automated service to migrate your data from various platforms directly into Autotask or export your data. Admit it: data migration isn’t that easy. Leave this routine task to our automated service and oversee things from the top of your to-do list.

Help Desk Migration supports over 30 most popular help desk systems and shared mailboxes like Gmail and Outlook. With our Migration Wizard, you can import tickets, contacts, chats, notes, and other customer service data within several hours.

The migration service takes the heavy lift of your help desk data import or migration in a secure and fast way. You can import or export such records types: resources (or agents), companies, contacts, and tickets along with all relations between the records.

Using Help Desk Migration, you get

  • Free Demo Migration to test drive to our service and look at the desired help desk in your data environment.
  • Have some specific needs? We support custom data migration.
  • Adjust the records mapping to your preferences – on condition, you keep to the fields types and data they can hold (e.i., numeric field – numbers, text field – text, etc.)
  • The automated process is fast and secure without human interaction.
  • Secured connection and migration service protected to the industry standards.
  • A transparent price breakdown: see costs for the number of records, extra options, and support offerings separately.

Available worldwide in English.

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