February 10, 2021

Be Prepared for VMware Backup with All-In-One Data Protection Solutions

By David Weiss

What is VMware Backup?

VMware backup is a process for preventing data loss from a virtual machine (VM) operating inside of a VMware host server. It is a crucial process in assuring business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) for administrators of virtual server environments that utilize VMware’s ESXi hypervisor.

What to look for in an all-in-one VMware backup solution?

Being a managed service provider (MSP) today means supporting VMware vSphere, VMware’s compute virtualization platform. As the leading platform for virtual data center management, VMware’s vSphere is used by. 500,000 organizations worldwide. VMware’s hypervisor, ESXi, is seen as the most commonly used commercial virtualization solution in the world. .

Effective VMware backup and recovery require proven tools for the job. Datto SIRIS is an all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution. SIRIS is built specifically for MSPs to provide continuous and reliable data protection and keep your clients’ businesses resilient.

Simple to use with proven reliability, Datto SIRIS brings enterprise-class data protection to businesses of all sizes. With flexible deployment options than span a software only implementation to hardened backup appliances. Cross-platform support includes full VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor support so you can protect data no matter where it lives.

Discover the power of Datto SIRIS as a VMware backup solution

Equipped with Datto SIRIS, MSPs can ensure their clients’ VMware environments are safe thanks to Datto’s patented Inverse Chain Technology™ that makes every incremental snapshot a fully constructed recovery point.

What’s even more important is the immutable design of the backups themselves that ensure they cannot be compromised by ransomware. . Backup granularity means better Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) with SIRIS providing backups that can be managed down to five-minute increments. Recovery granularity means you can perform an individual file, image or bare-metal system restore.

Recovery flexibility means you can execute instant VM recovery either locally or via the secure Datto Cloud. Lastly, the ESXi upload option uploads a restore to a connected ESXi host via VMware Converter allowing you to use the ESXi host for compute power and as a datastore.

Just as important to their VMware data protection and continuity capabilities, Datto SIRIS are all-in-one BCDR solutions giving you a complete solution that spans backup to recovery in the cloud.

That means ease of use for MSPs is a top priority, giving you one comprehensive system that protects not only virtual servers — running VMware and , Hyper-V — but also physical servers running Microsoft Windows Server and/or Linux. Instead of having to maintain both a physical backup solution and virtual solution, as well as two separate software platforms and backup data sets, you can manage everything in one place.

With many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) running both physical and virtual servers, Datto SIRIS significantly streamline VMware backup. And with Datto all-in-one solutions, MSPs receive single-vendor backing and support across both software and cloud. In addition, that support can extend to hardware if the hardened SIRIS backup appliance is chosen. The result: less risk for MSPs, with one point of contact and a fully integrated solution set.

Flexible deployment options for SIRIS include software only implementation to hardened backup appliances to protect any physical or virtual infrastructure running on Windows Server or Linux.

Datto SIRIS is a highly reliable, all-in-one BCDR solution designed for MSPs to prevent data loss and minimize client downtime. Made to meet your unique needs as an MSP, count on SIRIS to provide peace of mind that your clients’ data is safe. And if disaster strikes, it’s only a matter of minutes before normal business operations are restored with Datto SIRIS.

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Benefits of Datto SIRIS for VMware Recovery and Backup

VMware backup is a core capability of Datto SIRIS. Your clients are assured of seamless business continuity and highly reliable data protection for their VMware systems with our all-in-one BCDR solutions.

The VMware backup and recovery features of Datto SIRIS include:

  • Flexible deployment options include full VMWare support, as well as full support for Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Enterprise-class data protection for clients of all sizes
  • Complete system image backup.
  • Granular backups can be managed down to five-minute increments, with file or image-level restore
  • Execute instant recovery either locally or via the secure Datto Cloud
  • ESXi upload capability
  • Single-pane-of-glass administration via the secure cloud portal
  • Peace of mind with immutable backups, 2FA login and the secure Datto Cloud with exclusive Cloud Deletion Defense™
  • Also protect any physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure running on Windows or Linux.

At Datto, we go beyond the technology: We pride ourselves on being 100% channel-only delivering a true partnership with our MSPs. Everything is backed by Datto’s acclaimed 24x7x365 direct-to-tech support.

How to get started with Datto VMware backup

Your clients expect expert data protection across all platforms, for both physical and virtual servers. VMware backup and recovery is simple for MSPs with Datto SIRIS.

Contact Datto today to learn more about our VMware backup and recovery solutions for MSPs.

Which systems can Datto SIRIS protect?

SIRIS supports VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V, desktops & servers running Windows and Linux operating systems.

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