The Perils of Protecting Azure with Azure

52% of MSPs anticipate client workloads moving to Microsoft Azure within the next 12 months, but did you know that Microsoft experiences more than 1,400 attacks per day? Are you confident that leaving your data protected only by Azure backup will keep your client safe?

Watch our backup expert Brent Torre, General Manager of Backup as he discusses The Perils of Protecting Azure with Azure. This discussion covers:

  • How the increase in cybercrime is creating more sophisticated attackers that can bypass defenses and gain access to the cloud.
  • Why backing up your Azure data with Azure isn’t enough and how to educate your clients about these threats.
  • What Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure brings to the table with our always available and always secure solution.

Backup is your first and last line of defense against ransomware attacks. Don’t get caught leaving your clients unprotected. Watch the webinar now!

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