Datto RMM Security Forum

At Datto, our number one priority is protecting you and your customers. Please join the Datto executives responsible for architecting our corporate security posture, including CISO Ryan Weeks and Josh Coke, Sr. Product Specialist DRMM for a panel discussion about recent security breaches.

This will be an open forum with Q&A to discuss all topics that are front of mind for the MSP Community given recent ransomware attacks, including last month’s security incident.

During this session, we will cover:

  • What occurred and how did the attack unfold?
  • What is Datto doing to help prevent a recurrence of this type of attack?
  • Has Datto implemented new security protocols as a result of the attack?
  • What should you be doing today to protect yourself and your customers?
  • What additional resources are available from Datto to learn more about ransomware?