How Datto EDR Helps the Education Market Stay Protected From a Ransomware Attack

Did you know that 80% of schools in the U.S have been victims of ransomware attacks since 2022? This makes education one of the top targets for cyber criminals – so the question remains how can IT professionals working with the education market keep their organization’s data secure?

Here at Datto, we have the answer – with our endpoint detection and response (EDR) Ransomware Rollback feature it makes it simple to recover all your data and resume normal operations, in this infographic we’ll show you how it works. You’ll also learn:

  • How cybercriminals are exploiting your network.
  • What type of tools Datto EDR uses to detect a ransomware attack.
  • How you can get your files back to the original state and save money with our solution.

Don’t allow cybercriminals to continue to win against education – download the infographic today!

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