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Resale Partners

Resale Portal

Resale partners provides an integration and billing platform for ICT and Telecommunication resellers. This platform retrieves data from your suppliers and 3rd party applications and allows you to be in control of which customers you service, what services they have and what subscriptions are involved. Usage data (CDRS or licences) is imported or retrieved via API’s and combined with your subscriptions and one-time costs into 1 invoice for your customer. For your customers, a customer portal allows them to log in and view their services, invoices and drill down to explore costs and usage.

The integration allows you to simply create and maintain your customers (Accounts) in Accountview and have them automatically created or updated in the Resale Portal. This means you only have to register and update your customers in autotask. The Resale Portal is in turn able to synchronise (create, update) your customers to a variety of other 3rd party applications, creating a seamless integration.

* Creation of customers in the Resale Portal based on new accounts in Autotask

* Updating of customer data in the Resale Portal based on changes to accounts in Autotask

Available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, France in Dutch, English, French, German.

Contact for Sales and Support:

+31-(0)20 – 760 5818