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Incident Alert Management

OnPage’s incident alert management system provides the industry’s only ALERT-UNTIL-READ notification capabilities. OnPage helps MSPs get the most out of their digital investments, ensuring that sensors, monitoring systems, and people have an immediate, reliable way to escalate critical alerts to the right person.

OnPage’s redundancy, and scheduling features ensure that a critical alert is never missed. More reliable than emails, SMS and phone calls, OnPage shrinks incident resolution time by automating the notification process and reducing human errors.

MSPs rely on OnPage to streamline their operations, keep their teams motivated, reduce costs, and add revenue streams to grow their businesses.

MSPs can initiate and manage alerts from Autotask. They can create workflows for alerts to be sent automatically to the person on-call based on customizable criteria, ensuring that alert procedures are followed consistently. This reduces manual transcription errors and resolution time.

If the first team member on the alert list does not respond to the loud OnPage alert on their smartphone app within the designated time frame, the alert escalates to the next team member, so alerts cannot be ignored. All alert activity is recorded in real time within the ticket, showing progress and status of the incident.

Integration Features

  • Manage helpdesk processes and incident alert management within the same pane of glass
  • Initiate persistent, fast, secure round-trip messages and alerts to mobile devices
  • Route messages via a flexible escalation workflow and complete audit trail
  • Create “follow the sun” schedules for individuals or groups
  • Consolidate all incoming alerts in the Autotask platform
  • Get full visibility to incident progress
  • View real-time ticket and SLA updates
  • Available in English

Setting up OnPage with Autotask: