Apigrate Autotask Connector for Integromat
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Autotask Connector for Integromat

Unleash the power of software automation! Apigrate delivers efficiency and transforms processes to eliminate frustration and save money.

The Autotask Connector for Integromat enables full-featured connectivity for the Autotask API on the Integromat platform. Now Autotask users can enjoy the power of the Integromat platform to create their own data flow integration scenarios.

Once installed, you can use Autotask just like any other application supported on the Integromat platform. All of the following Autotask API actions are supported:

  • Query
  • Create
  • Update (including sparse updates)
  • Delete
  • Get Entity Info
  • Get Field Info
  • Get UDF Info
  • Get Zone Info

Available worldwide in English

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