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Evo Security


Evo Security offers a cloud-based MFA, SSO and PAM solution engineered exclusively for MSP’s and their Clients. We are laser-focused on solving the unique, multi-tenant, hybrid security needs of MSP’s and never lose sight of offering a phenomenal end user experience for Clients. Come see why our ZeroTrustOps approach bridges the identity and access gap and protects Client livelihood by shutting down data breaches.

  • Lightning-fast MFA/2FA logins
  • Streamlined SSO capabilities for reduced MFA fatigue
  • Ultra-simple self-enrollment for end users
  • Windows Desktop, Mac Desktop, and Remote Desktop Gateway
  • Sync users from Azure AD or On-Prem AD
  • Plethora of Integrations via SAML, OpenID, Radius, and REST API
  • Logging and audit trail for all user activity
  • Offline and bypass MFA capabilities for no internet or lost device (beta)

Available worldwide in English.

Sales – sales@evosecurity.com

Support – support@evosecurity.com


Documentation – https://evosecurity.com/support