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Contact Science

Appointment Setting

The Contact Science software is a fast, easy and precise way for appointment setters to call 100’s of targets perfectly, simultaneously, each week and never get lost. Patented ‘process prospecting’ customizes pursuits to your personal sales engine. Optionally, process can include drip marketing strategies to keep targets warm after initial contact. Management automatically receives accurate performance reports to monitor, measure and analyze caller performance. Provides coordination between Marketing and Sales for telephone follow-up of Direct Mail campaigns. (Eg. Ulistic, Robin Robins)

Integration is a simple ‘one and done’ API mapping to exchange data to/from Contact Science and Autotask. Integration is also available to move data between Autotask and Infusionsoft or HubSpot.

Integration Features

  • Data updated during calls is updated in Autotask immediately.
  • Appointments set in Contact Science are automatically recorded as Open Activity in Autotask.
  • Automatic updates of prospecting activity includes creating Closed Activity records in Autotask.
  • Data fields can be ‘mass updated’ in Contact Science and then updated into Autotask.
  • Provides data transfer between Autotask and Infusionsoft or HubSpot.

Sales – Bob Howard, 901-327-8686.

Service – Melanie McCaleb 214-483-5800 #2000

Autotask Integration – article includes link to Installation Guide