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Beyond Security solutions help businesses and governments improve their network and application security. Our automated, accurate and simple tools make SecOps and DevOps work easier and thus reduce network and application vulnerability to data loss.

beSECURE is a VMDR solution – Vulnerability Management, Detection and Resolution solution. beSECURE performs both Active Scanning as well as Passive Scanning (via agents) and uncovers security vulnerabilities, compliance infraction, misconfigurations in your IP connect devices and infrastructure. Our solution provides customers with a full view of their security posture, where their risks are, what vulnerabilities they have and what actions to take to resolve them.

beSECURE’s Datto integration allows beSECURE to gain insight to network infrastructure currently being managed and monitored. The information is used to assemble a list of potential targets that would require security testing and compliance checks. By using this integration changes made to the infrastructure observed by Datto can be immediately scanned by beSECURE and provide immediate status on their security risk and posture. Integration with additional solutions, such as firewalls, can be further used to automate the quartinee of vulnerable devices by performing changes to the firewall/IPS/IDS solutions – as well as deploy patches where needed.

Once enabled the integration is automatic, every 30 minutes the Datto RMM solution is queried for a list of devices is obtained.

The devices’ internal and external IP address is matched against our database, if it is not currently being scanned it is added to the list of scan targets.

The scan of the targets can be made to launch automatically whenever there is a change in the list of scan targets.

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