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BeachheadSecure™ for MSPs

BeachheadSecure is an MSP platform to easily enforce and manage encryption as-a-service for client PCs, Macs, USB Storage, phones, tablets and servers. It is a tailor-made solution for security-focused MSPs and MSSPs seeking to offer Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) and distinguish their practice by addressing the ever-growing threat of data loss and breach. Beyond encryption, BeachheadSecure allows an MSP to remotely control data access under conditions when encryption alone cannot. Cloud-based management means MSPs handle all troubleshooting and remediation remotely – translating into fewer in-person service calls, less downtime and optimal productivity. BeachheadSecure is multi-tenanted and billed monthly based on license consumption (only).

The BeachheadSecure/Autotask PSA integration provides MSPs with security-critical status alerts and streamlines license use and client billing. Monitoring security alerts from within Autotask provides MSP technicians with evidence and ticketing of automated BeachheadSecure security responses such as:

  • Encryption keys wiped to thwart unauthorized data access
  • Remote data wipe to forever eliminate risk of breach
  • Expiration over pre-set, allowable time-based server check-ins
  • Excessive (over allowable) invalid logon attempts

These are high-level BeachheadSecure alerts that may require MSP help-desk or security remediation. The BeachheadSecure/Autotask PSA allows the MSP to see license allocation by account to streamline client billing.

Beachhead’s documentation is in our product in the form of “Help with this Page” hyperlinks, ultimately removing the need for documentation/manuals.

Sales: Cam Roberson, 408-496-6936 x-6866

Training & MSP Support: Dan Maksim dmaksim@beachheadsolutions, 650-597-2133

BeachheadSecure Support:, 408-496-1265