TechNosis Trusts Datto to Keep Their Clients’ Business Up and Running

TechNosis is a Wisconsin-based managed service provider (MSP) offering enterprise-grade IT services and solutions to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). The company was founded in 2005 with the mission to make top-notch technology and support accessible to businesses of all sizes. TechNosis is a one-stop shop for all things technology. It specializes in asset management, cloud services, compliance and audit, data protection and recovery, endpoint security, IT operations and Software-as-a-Service, to name a few.

  • Company: TechNosis
  • Industry: MSP
  • Location: Randolph, Wisconsin, United States
  • Established: 2005
  • Interviewed: Bob Pankratz, Founder and CEO

“We became a Datto partner in 2017. We joined Datto primarily for their robust backup solutions and stayed for everything else.”

Bob Pankratz

Founder and CEO, TechNosis

The Challenge

TechNosis set out in the prosumer space using products readily available to manage customer data sets but found them unmanageable and unsupportable. COVID-19 was a real challenge for some of their customers, who faced several complications with large data sets. “One of our larger customers had 14 terabytes of data stored on-premises, and they were evicted by their landlord. They closed the building and told them they were not allowed back in,” recalls Bob Pankratz.

Since lockdown and physical distancing became the norm, many of their clients couldn’t access their large file servers and data sets, which were critical for the survival of their business. Using hard drives to copy data and distributing it to remotely working employees was not feasible.

“Datto Workplace enables us to do things like role-based access control (RBAC) security, centralized management and device wipe — all the things that professional IT needs to do to manage data effectively. That’s not possible with prosumer products.”

Bob Pankratz

Founder and CEO, TechNosis

The Solution

TechNosis provisioned Datto Workplace licenses for their client and moved 14 terabytes of their production data into the cloud, enabling their staff to continue functioning without interruption. Datto Workplace’s cutting-edge technology played an important role in keeping TechNosis’ clients up and running during the pandemic by allowing access to their mission-critical data for seamless collaboration. Their customers who transitioned to Datto Workplace during the pandemic continue using the platform as their primary workflow for almost everything to date.

Bob believes some of their customers wouldn’t have survived the pandemic if they didn’t have Datto to overcome the unique business challenges brought about by the global crisis. Datto’s solutions further enhanced the firm’s capabilities, allowing them to expand their market share and find new sources of revenue by resolving customer IT challenges. Today, all TechNosis customers use Datto products. “If you work with us, you will use the entire Datto product suite. It’s the centerpiece of our solution and a tentpole for us,” says Bob Pankratz.


“Datto’s support is the primary reason we went with Datto in the first place. Our partnership with Datto has always been one of the critical items for us. It has allowed us to grow our company and scale staff without having to add staff internally. Datto has always been extremely welcoming to our feedback.”

Bob Pankratz

Founder and CEO, TechNosis

Other Benefits

Datto’s solutions integrate seamlessly with best-of-breed tools, software and applications that MSPs use most. Deep integrations between Datto and Kaseya solutions like IT GlueAutotaskRMM and KaseyaOne eliminate vendor fatigue, automate manual tasks, enhance technician efficiency and create opportunities for MSP partners like TechNosis to attract new clients and develop deeper relationships with existing ones.

TechNosis is a TruMethods partner and a member of the TruPeer peer group designed by renowned MSP industry visionary Gary Pica. TruMethods combines software, training and community to help MSPs grow their business and build more strategic relationships with their customers. TechNosis also leverages Kaseya Powered Services’ ready-to-use marketing resources to drive its sales and marketing initiatives and run social media campaigns.

“We’re currently running a series of significant events in Austin, Texas, and we have a 30-minute video that plays marketing materials from Powered Services on loop. These resources save my staff hundreds of hours preparing that material and make us look professional and organized,” notes Bob.

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