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Datto SaaS Protection was designed exclusively for MSPs to protect Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace applications, with 3x daily backups and flexible restore options, you can ensure your client’s data is protected from permanent downtime and data loss.

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Delight Clients with Easily Recoverable Data

SMBs rely on their managed service provider for many things, and ensuring data is accessible is at the top of the list. In the event of unexpected data loss, SaaS Protection helps you easily recover client data quickly.

Shared Responsibility Protection for SMBs

Leading cloud-based productivity software providers like Microsoft and Google have limits to the data they take responsibility for. Datto SaaS Protection fills those gaps for data loss from ransomware, human error, and more.

Easy-to-use Cloud Backup

Datto SaaS Protection is curated exclusively for MSPs, offering essential cloud-to-cloud backup services for SMBs’ critical business data.

Automated Backups

Protect against data deletion, ransomware attacks, and other cloud data loss with 3X daily backups.

Simple Pricing

Built for bundling, SaaS Protection is priced for MSPs to offer it with cloud-based solutions like Microsoft and Google.

Quick and Easy Recovery

Restaurez rapidement les données perdues avec des options de restauration flexibles comme la restauration de points dans le temps, granulaire et non destructive.

Complementary Backup

With SaaS Protection, you can meet business continuity, compliance, and security requirements for your clients.

Why Final Frontiers Chose Datto SaaS Protection

3X Daily Backups for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Datto SaaS Protection protects SMBs’ critical Microsoft 365 Exchange, Calendar, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams data, as well as Gmail, Google Drive, Shared Drives, Calendar, and Contacts–all managed through an easy-to-use interface.

Making the Case for Cloud Backup

SMBs may think Microsoft or Google has their back in the event of data loss. As an MSP, you know that isn’t necessarily the case. Here’s why SMBs need cloud backup.

No Business is Immune

By 2022, 70% of organizations will suffer business disruption due to data loss in a SaaS app.

Recovery Takes Time

And time is money. Data recovery can take days or weeks without backup.

Cloud Data Isn’t Exempt from Risk

Nearly 1 in 4 MSPs reported ransomware attacks on clients’ SaaS applications.

SaaS Vendors Aren’t Responsible

Cloud backup covers the gaps left behind by Microsoft and Google in the event of data loss.

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