April 26, 2022

Protect Business Data No Matter Where it Lives

By Conor Bowler
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With so much data being centralized on file servers and SaaS applications, a tremendous amount of critical business data still lives locally on employee PCs. In the event of a disaster, such as a lost or stolen PC or ransomware attack, how much will it cost you or your end user in time and frustration to recover that device, configure applications and user preferences, and restore data? More importantly, how much will it cost you or your client in lost time and productivity to have that employee unable to access critical data?

Datto’s Endpoint Backup for PCs

In the event of a disaster, it is essential for MSPs to offer their clients a solution that not only offers protection of the endpoint business data, but also streamlines recovery of device data, preferences, and installed applications.

Eliminate data loss and help your clients get their employees back up and running quickly with Datto Endpoint Backup for PCs.


Introducing the new and improved Endpoint Backup for PCs with our continued commitment to supporting the MSP

While Endpoint Backup for PCs was first launched two years ago, we have been working tirelessly to improve upon our initial offering. After many conversations with a wide range of partners, we heard what was working (and what we could improve upon) for the best possible customer experience.

We are excited to be launching our latest version of Endpoint Backup for PCs with updates to backup, recovery, and service.


  • We are excited to bring you improvements to the throughput of screenshot verification to get more done faster and improve screenshot success rate.
  • A new agent information API can now be used for reporting and to share backup and screenshot success with your clients to reassure them that the data has indeed been backed up. We have also added support for that all important multi-volume backup. With this latest update, any new agents installed will have all drives backed up by default.
  • We have added additional hardening around resumability. That way, backups aren’t jeopardized by users switching wifi connections or closing their laptops.


  • Your clients now have the ability to self service file and folder restores in co-managed environments.
  • We are excited to announce that our bare metal restore is now working five times faster than it was previously in laboratory testing (dependent on the speed you’ll get due to local connections).
  • We have also added the ability to resize volumes when restoring with BMR and the success rate for BMR is now way up.


Updates to the client user setup screen allow for:

  • One client user to access Endpoint Backup for PCs in addition to their existing access.
  • Clients to check the last backup and screenshot statuses, understand the history over the last 10 days and open the recovery launchpad to access the files and folders in any of the recovery points generated by the previous backups.
  • Your client’s administrative-level users to manage their agents without the need to go through you, their MSP, for every detail.

Overall continuity

Datto Endpoint Backup for PCs is part of Datto’s entire Unified Continuity product line, which includes complete protection for servers, private or public cloud, and SaaS data. Datto Endpoint Backup provides peace of mind, continued access to your data and minimal loss of productivity.

These latest improvements don’t stop here. We will continue to iterate on and improve this latest version of Endpoint Backup to give you the most thorough product and support for your clients, whatever needs may arise.

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