August 18, 2023

How to Grow Your Startup MSP Business

By Elizabeth Fichtner

Running a managed service provider (MSP) business can be challenging regardless of what stage of the journey you’re at. Whether you are in the planning stages, just starting to launch your business or looking for new avenues to grow in, we’re here to help with insights from our experts and three key areas to focus on for success.

Hiring quality employees for growth

Securing the right talent is crucial for any business. While many large companies invest heavily in recruiting, smaller businesses, like MSPs, typically don’t have the resources to do the same. That’s why many MSPs struggle to bring in the talent they need to grow their business. They may also struggle to find qualified employees that are a good fit for their business model. For example, they often find that many engineers are used to delivering reactive “break-fix” services and struggle with the managed services business, which requires proactive monitoring of clients’ IT environments.

Does any of this sound familiar? Luckily, these effective tips can help you find and hire the right people — from referrals and networking to interviewing and beyond.

Crafting an effective marketing strategy

So, you’ve found your people. Now it’s time to spread the word about your business via marketing. 

Inbound marketing is about creating and sharing content focused specifically on your target prospect. By providing relevant content that helps your prospects answer their questions and solve their problems, you become a valuable and trusted resource. This helps you attract them to your company and makes it more likely that you’ll convert them into customers.

What should you be thinking about as you develop a marketing program to help grow your managed services business? The most effective approach, and one that many MSPs are taking, is building a marketing program that incorporates both traditional and new marketing tactics. In this one-pager, you’ll learn the top 10 tips and tricks to grow your business through different types of marketing strategies.

Mastering the art of selling

If selling isn’t your favorite part of being an MSP, you’re not alone. Most MSPs have a technical background rather than one in business or sales and struggle with this critical aspect of running a successful business. Growing your business quickly is especially important when you’re just getting started in the managed services space. While some growth might occur organically through word of mouth, this isn’t going to guarantee you consistent new business, even if you deliver great services.

To ensure predictable growth, MSPs should take a proactive approach. This is where a sales strategy comes in. The primary goal of sales is to generate new business for your company. For MSPs in particular, sales and marketing aren’t just about closing deals. Since MSPs sell services, a big part of the sales process should be about identifying and engaging the right prospects.

At Datto, we’ve pulled together key sales strategies for MSPs looking to increase profits and drive new business. We’ve also helped over 35,000 MSPs grow their business and would love to help you become a success story as well. Watch the webinar to learn how one of our partners grew from a one-person shop to over a 100.

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