November 03, 2023

Supercharging Service Desk Operations With Autotask and IT Glue Integration

By Travis Brittain

The Autotask and IT Glue integration is the ultimate pairing, enhancing your service desk operations in remarkable ways. With this integration, you can optimize technician workflows, reduce ticket resolution times and maximize efficiency. It streamlines repetitive tasks and provides easy access to critical information, making it a game-changer for MSPs.

Following the release of Suggested IT Glue Documents and Passwords, we are thrilled to announce that IT Glue Flexible Assets are now available within Autotask tickets. To celebrate this integration, let’s look at the top five ways Autotask and IT Glue users are supercharging their service desk operations:

1. Pesky printer problems

Printers, notorious for triggering frustration, are a common source of technical issues. In fact, they incite such strong emotions that The Washington Post dedicated an entire week to exploring consumers’ intense dislike for them. MSPs can ensure their technicians are well-prepared by equipping them with passwords, tips, tricks and documented quirks for each printing environment. This empowers technicians to swiftly resolve printing-related problems.

2. User management and onboarding

Smooth employee onboarding is essential for both the success of new team members and overall customer satisfaction. By utilizing the Ticket Type rule variable, technicians can automatically access the necessary procedures, passwords and flexible assets when working on “New Employee” ticket types. This ensures a smooth and seamless onboarding process.

3. Secure access to remote services

In the current hybrid work environment, secure access to company resources is paramount. Technicians need quick access to VPN and secure edge information, especially when employees are away from the corporate network. Secure Edge ensures that end users can access corporate networks with the same security standards. These standards are applied no matter where users connect from. By using the Ticket Title or Ticket Description field to identify keywords like “VPN” or “Remote Access,” technicians can efficiently retrieve VPN flexible assets, documents and passwords.

4. Install or access Microsoft 365 services

Troubleshooting Microsoft 365 services often begins with confirming user licenses. Thanks to IT Glue’s integration with the Microsoft platform to Flexible Assets, Autotask users can create a rule that identifies keywords like “Microsoft,” “Office,” “Power Bi” or “Azure” in Ticket Titles or Descriptions, automatically displaying the Microsoft 365 License flexible asset. Your technicians will never have to jump through hoops to see what license they’re assigned again.

5. Line of business application access

Different industries rely on unique sets of applications. Technicians may not be as familiar with these specialized applications as they are with Microsoft, Zoom or Google Workplace. By identifying keywords in tickets related to specific applications, such as “Amicus,” “DealerSocket,” “Dentrix,” “Mindbody” or “Sage,” technicians can easily access Application flexible assets and the appropriate passwords, leading to quicker ticket resolution.

The Autotask and IT Glue integration has revolutionized service desk operations by eliminating information hunts and streamlining the process. Technicians benefit from auto-suggested IT Glue Documents, Passwords and Flexible Assets directly in Autotask tickets, saving time and improving service quality. If you want to experience how this industry-leading PSA can supercharge your service desk, schedule a demo of Autotask today. Your service desk operations will never be the same again.

Schedule a demo of Autotask to see how the channel-leading PSA can supercharge your service desk.

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