Solulan Helps Its Clients Recover From Ransomware With Datto Solutions

Solulan is a managed service provider (MSP) founded in 1999. The company is primarily located in Quebec, Canada, but has plans to expand its base to the U.S. and across North America soon. Solulan has been a Datto partner since 2019, leveraging Autotask, Datto RMM, Datto BCDR and Datto SaaS solutions to deliver high-quality IT services to clients.

Solulan offers a variety of services, including managed services, cybersecurity, consulting, integration, cloud storage, on-call technical support and customized training. The IT management consulting firm specializes in the integration and management of IT solutions. Their primary goal is to offer clients a long-term strategic vision of information technology. The impressive client retention rate of over 95% is a testament to their commitment to the quality of their products and services.

  • Company: Solulan
  • Industry: MSP
  • Location: Quebec, Canada
  • Established: 1999
  • Interviewed: Nicolas Côté, Cybersecurity Practice Manager

“We’ve been a partner with Datto since 2019, and so far, the partnership with them has been amazing. When they entered the Canadian market, we saw an excellent opportunity to be one of the pioneers in the market offering cutting-edge backup solutions to our clients.”

Nicolas Côté

Cybersecurity Practice Manager

The Challenge

During COVID, one of their clients, who didn’t have a cybersecurity solution in place, fell victim to a ransomware attack. The threat actors managed to compromise seven servers and demanded a ransom.

“There’s so much value working with Datto. They really care about you and are very proactive. They constantly update us about new features and products. They’re great with the marketing development funds (MDF) program, which we leverage a lot to promote unique events to clients, showing them the real value of how Datto solutions can help save their businesses.”

Nicolas Côté

Cybersecurity Practice Manager

The Solution

Fortunately, Solulan had backed up their client’s workloads using the Datto backup appliance and was able to recover all their servers successfully. The Solulan team was able to restore all servers in just three hours, allowing their customer’s business to be up and running before noon. The client got all their mission-critical files and applications back and also avoided paying the ransom. “Data recovery is very simple with Datto. You simply start the virtualization process, and you’re back on track. It’s pretty efficient and quick,” says Nicolas Côté, Cybersecurity Practice Manager.

“Almost all of our customers use Datto products — Autotask, Datto RMM, Datto SaaS Protection and Datto BCDR. We use the Datto file restore feature on a daily basis because customers tend to make mistakes with their files. Our goal is to enable all our clients to use Datto backup and BCDR solutions so we can support them efficiently and restore their files and servers promptly whenever necessary.”

Nicolas Côté

Cybersecurity Practice Manager

Other Benefits

Apart from a wide variety of market-leading IT and security solutions, Datto also provides the necessary training, support and resources MSPs like Solulan need to win more customers and grow their businesses.

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