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Xeneth was founded with the vision of being the number one enabler of MSPs worldwide. By providing MSPs with high-end, user friendly automation solutions, we help them increase their profitability from cloud services and empower them to make data-driven decisions. Our immediate focus is on accuracy and sealing profit leakage, allowing MSPs to acquire more customers and avoid erosion of trust due to incorrect billing. Our team has leading experts in the managed services space who have been working with Microsoft CSP program since its inception in 2015 and are continuously finding creative ways to simplify its billing complexities.

MSPlus is a billing middleware solution that automates the ingestion of billing data from cloud services into Autotask. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Microsoft CSP
  • Azure AD
  • Active directory

MSPlus is a billing automation tool that automatically uses Microsoft CSP billing data directly from your vendor/distributor invoice to accurately generate billing line items that reconcile to the cent—unlike other solutions that use unreliable and inaccurate data extraction methods. Similarly, MSPlus grabs exact user/device counts from your domains to generate billing line items into Autotask. MSPlus users are regaining up to 70% of their cloud services profitability.

  • End-to-end, fully automated process
  • Automated pricing catalogue updates
  • Accurate to the cent
  • Line-by-line reconciliation file for every invoice
  • Margin visibility for each line item generated so you can find underbilled customers or services
  • Customised price rules that can be applied to a single customer and/or product with the ability to set a start and end date
  • Flexible Azure billing (for shared resources and part-billing)
  • Accurate user/device count and log-on times, including part-time and VIP user billing
  • Flexible billing model (in-arrears or in-advance and prorated or non-prorated)
  • No admin work required

Available worldwide in English.

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