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Data security, Identity Security

Traceless is a security tool that offers advanced threat protection for communication platforms. Our system seamlessly integrates with Autotask PSA allowing MSP teams to ensure maximum data security. We allow rapid identity verification for end customers and Traceless ™ data transfer leaving nothing at rest. Any team member or customer can use Traceless to effortlessly transfer data. Traceless is a rapidly growing platform including Automatic Data Loss Prevention, AI based Identity Management and secure data transfer.

The Traceless Integration creates an Insight that can be associated with services tickets, allowing a tech to send sensitive information or files to a customer leaving nothing stored in the ticket, or at rest anywhere in our systems.

  • Rapidly ensure the identity of inbound requests via phone, chat or email via human initiated MFA
  • Send or Request data up to 10k Characters, fully encrypted end to end with automatic expiration
  • Send or Request files up to 200gb, fully encrypted end to end with automatic expiration
  • Enable Traceless for all techs interacting with tickets, only be billed per tech
  • Use the Traceless Stand Alone application to send or receive data outside the PSA

Available worldwide in English.

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Documentation: Traceless Autotask Integration Documentation