Employee Performance & ManagementAutotask Professional Services Automation (PSA)


Real-Time Privilege Management System

AutoElevate’s integration with Autotask enables service providers to seamlessly track and control client’s admin privileges in a simple and painless way. In one touch the technician can expedite 30 minutes worth of work into only 30 seconds including ticketing, documentation, time entry, and communication back to the client.

Integration Features

  • Tickets for each client privilege request are created automatically.
  • Detailed notes of client request and actions are included into ticket automatically.
  • Machine and application security are summarized and color coded for quick reference by the technician and include links to additional research resources.<
  • Technicians are assigned to the ticket when action is taken along with Status/Type/Sub-item-Type being set, machine configuration being added, and time entry including work type included automatically.
  • Cohesive communication to clients computer eliminating phone calls and remote sessions in real time.
  • Available worldwide in English

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Support: 786-490-2990