October 27, 2023

Why Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Should Back Up Their Clients’ PCs

By Jennifer Sipala

For managed service providers (MSPs), the responsibility of ensuring that client data stays safe in any situation is of utmost importance. With the number of remote workers and cyberthreats rapidly increasing globally, endpoint backup for PCs has become crucial.

Here’s why:

1. The importance of endpoint backup

An endpoint refers to any device that communicates back and forth with a network (like PCs and laptops). While the information these devices contain is invaluable to businesses, they are often neglected in company backup policies.

Here’s why endpoint backup is so important:

  • Downtime concerns: Whether it’s a ransomware attack, a lost device or accidental file deletion, the fallout can be catastrophic. Without an adequate backup solution, businesses risk lost data, time and employee productivity.

  • Rising remote workforce: According to IDC, the number of mobile workers in the U.S. will increase from 78.5 million in 2020 to 93.5 million in 2024 — an increase of nearly 20%. With this outlook, the potential for device vulnerabilities, attacks and errors rises significantly.

2. Endpoint risks and backup solutions

In a recent survey, over half of IT professionals cited inadequate detection of threats by endpoint security solutions as a reason for these attacks. This puts emphasis on the importance of an endpoint backup solution to:

  • Recover from ransomware and malware attacks that sneak through
  • Offer quick and complete recovery after an endpoint crashes
  • Provide peace of mind knowing that user endpoints are always protected

3. Complementing endpoint security

While traditional antivirus solutions served their purpose in the past, today’s cyberthreats require more sophisticated security measures.

  • Proactive Measures: Provisions for application whitelisting, multifactor authentication, network access control, updated software and advanced anti-malware software are a must.

  • Importance of data protection: When other security measures fail, an updated backup becomes the final line of defense. It’s especially vital in sectors like healthcare, where non-compliance with regulations like HIPAA can lead to significant repercussions.

4. Understanding Windows backup and restore

Windows backup and restore tools are critical as they allow for full data and software program recovery after unforeseen events. MSPs must prioritize:

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR): BCDR plays a pivotal role in data protection and recovery. With tools like Datto SIRIS and Endpoint Backup for PCs, MSPs can offer comprehensive data protection solutions tailored for Windows-based systems, ensuring quick data recovery.

  • Rapid recovery: With the prevalent threat of ransomware, Datto offers an edge by scanning all backups automatically for ransomware and ensuring they’re ready for restoration. It allows businesses to “turn back the clock” to a pre-ransomware state, ensuring minimal downtime.

  • Cloud backups for remote work: As remote work becomes standard, cloud-based backup solutions like Datto Endpoint Backup for PCs are gaining traction. They offer complete BCDR solutions for Windows PCs without on-premises hardware, ensuring data protection regardless of an employee’s location.

5. Benefits of Datto backup solutions

Datto offers a suite of solutions with numerous advantages:

  • Comprehensive business continuity designed for MSPs
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Data loss prevention and minimal downtime
  • 24/7/365 dedicated support

For MSPs, client trust is paramount. By integrating solutions like Datto SIRIS and Endpoint Backup for PCs, MSPs can ensure that their clients’ data is always safe, secure and recoverable.

For those looking to elevate their backup strategy and enhance client trust, it’s time to consider incorporating comprehensive endpoint backup solutions. Request a demo with Datto today to take the next step toward cyber resilience.

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