Trust Center

Since its founding, Datto, the industry’s champion for MSPs, continually strives to earn the trust of MSPs from around the world by demonstrating responsible, thoughtful and dependable actions. The embodiment of these values – trust and transparency – stand testament to Datto’s commitment to its partners to provide unequaled access and unparalleled visibility into today’s most pressing cybersecurity issues.


Adherence to regulatory compliance and industry certifications is critical to maintaining an effective and efficient security posture. Because of this, Datto is dedicated to ensuring its products, processes and technologies meet or exceed key industry compliance requirements, including, SOC 2 Type 2 as well as the following privacy regulations: GDPR, CCPA, and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield.


Datto takes data privacy seriously. For this reason, we never stop to ensure industry-best security practices, including data privacy and protection, are implemented throughout Datto’s infrastructure, business processes and product development.

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Datto Security

Datto continually strives to develop, implement and utilize industry-leading cybersecurity tools, technologies and best practices. As part of this, Datto is the only RMM on the market to pass BSIMM (Building Security in Maturity Model) evaluation. For more information about how Datto utilizes the BSIMM model in its product development.

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Vulnerability Disclosures

The relationship between cybersecurity and IT solutions is constantly changing and challenged as new product and technology vulnerabilities are discovered. Datto welcomes feedback from ethical hackers and partners in order to strengthen our product offerings. The Datto Vulnerability Program exemplifies our commitment to strong security.

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Threat Profiles

Datto’s threat intelligence team regularly releases threat profiles for the actors targeting the MSP community and their clients. Visit our threat profile repository for more information.

Threat Management