How Public Sector Does Disaster Recovery

Stay One Step Ahead Of Potential Disasters with Datto’s Disaster Recovery Checklist

Prepare yourself before disaster strikes.

When it comes to data backup and disaster recovery (BDR), being prepared for potential disasters is key to keeping your business running. It’s not only important to have a disaster recovery solution you trust, but one of your greatest assets should be proper planning. That includes also testing that plan.

Most businesses claim they don’t have time or are worried about the effects of testing their business continuity plan and the downtime it will cause, but would happen if you didn’t test your plan and it fails when you need it most! Testing your plan may seam daunting and may even highlight a few vulnerabilities in your backup system. However its better to find bugs when you’re in a position to resolve them, rather than in a high-stress disaster scenario.

To make things a little more simple, we’ve created The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist to help you stay one step ahead of potential disasters and keep your business running.

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As noted above, it’s important to have these core questions answered. Ensure you have a disaster recovery solution in place, test your backup, and understand how long it will take to your company to recover from a disaster (natural or human related) using your current backup solution.