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All MSP websites are used to convert visitors into qualified leads, so why is this not happening? ReframeYourClients marketing platform allows you to talk business instead of tech, ask rather than tell and educate instead of sell. The result? Higher conversions, delighted visitors and more engaged clients.

Marketing that speaks to your business leader visitors and clients.

This integration can help Autotask Users import their client portfolio to the ReframeYourClient’s application utilizing white label content and marketing automation tools to start campaigns.

Integration Features

Importing the client database Autotask Users can start working on the followings:

  • Sending over prebuilt business content to support the trusted advisory role
  • Creating campaigns and deliver those through email sequences
  • Implement mini surveys and qualifying clients to different additional MSP services
  • Sending IT Standard Compliance questionnaires before the Quarterly Business reviews
  • Support the marketing and sales of CIO services