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Proxuma, the ultimate tool for MSPs seeking to optimize their project management and planning. Our product greatly improves the speed and workability of planning and project management in Autotask. Proxuma is a product developed by Dxfferent, a well-known MSP consultancy firm that has already aided over 100 medium sized to large MSPs worldwide in optimizing their Autotask processes. Our objective is to enhance MSPs’ efficiency, automation, and, ultimately, profitability.

Here are some of Proxuma’s key features:

· Visualize tickets, projects, tasks, service calls, and resource utilization on drag-and-drop dashboards

· Smart planning and forecasting of workload and resources with AI assistant

· Create, edit, and plan tickets, tasks, projects, and service calls

· Real-time data for proactive resource planning and allocation

· Identify bottlenecks and required capacity based on insights

· Plan and forecast weeks, months, or years ahead to determine hiring needs

Contact sales by scheduling a demo directly on Proxuma.io/contact.

For additional assistance, contact our support team using the chat widget on Proxuma.io within the Proxuma environment.

Documentation: Proxuma websiteKnowledgebase