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Happen Business Pty, Ltd.

Jim2 Autotask PSA Connector

Happen Business Pty Limited is the provider of the leading mid-tier ERP/Accounting solution, Jim2 Business Engine.

With over 20 years’ experience with IT Service Providers, Managed Print Services Dealers and Value-added Resellers, Jim2 continues to drive efficiencies with its integrated solution. Jim2’s strength lies in service delivery, inventory management, contract management, billing and business reporting that elevates it to Australia’s Top Managed Print Services software.

Happen Business Pty Limited is a subsidiary of Jonas Software which counts 110+ companies and 3,000+ employees globally.

Jim2 Autotask PSA Connector empowers customers with remote connectivity and an all-in-one ERP solution to drive greater value in their service delivery and workflow efficiency across the business.

Businesses can synchronise data between Jim2 and Autotask PSA and post billing directly into Jim2 ERP for invoicing.

This integration is a core inhouse developed and supported solution with no third-party add-on requirements to benefit from the integration.

  • Bidirectional job ticket synchronisation between Autotask PSA and Jim2.
  • Centralised invoicing from Jim2 that includes all labour, hardware, and software billing items from Autotask PSA.
  • Bidirectional B2B customer and contact syncing with smart filtering.
  • Bidirectional contract syncing with smart filtering
  • Stock availability syncing from Jim2 to Autotask PSA.
  • Autotask PSA ticketed actual labour data synchronised to Jim2.
  • Jim2 ticket and invoice numbers synchronised to Autotask PSA for better visibility and easy reference.

Available in Australia & New Zealand in English.

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